Our Foundation

Our Heart

The Foundation’s heart is to relieve poverty, sickness, suffering, misfortune and distress of people in need, with a specific focus on children and families. We do this by:

  • Providing crises or disaster relief;
  • Providing support and infrastructure;
  • Providing training, education and development;
  • Providing buildings and resources for hospitals, health clinics, schools and shelter, by sourcing materials, facilitation, coordination and management, including planning, design, construction and fit out; 
  • Providing ongoing materials, assistance and volunteers

Our Vision

To “Improving Life in The city of Tomorrow.”

Our Vision and Values are the foundations upon which we operate. Our guiding light of Improving Life in the City of Tomorrow directs our decisions, the way we work and the way we live.

We are committed to making a positive difference:

  • To peoples lives
  • To our community
  • To the cities we live & work in

We will strive to do something great. Not good, great!

We will inspire people, cultivate creativity and be motivated by more than profits.

How we Care

Samma Group has had a long history and track record in supporting communities in need both in Australia and in developing countries. In recent times, this has been formalised through the development of the Community Impact Program which has been operated by the Samma Group to provide staff, friends, family and the general public (Stakeholders) with the resources and opportunity to deliver benevolent relief.

We work directly with communities in need, delivering projects in Australia, Egypt, Kenya and Cambodia.

We do this in partnership with Samma Group team members and the founders, we work with key partners and directly with people of these communities to create healthy and sustainable futures for them and their families.

All projects are based on four pillars; health, education, sustainability and infrastructure. These were derived from the United Nations Millennium Development Goals. In line with the Millennium Development Goals and our mission to help reduce poverty and improve the quality of life.