Egypt – Al Jawli


Located in a remote community about 400km south of Cairo in a village called Al Jawli with a population of about 8,000 people. In 2011 our partners Nathan and Sawsan established the first program, a medical facility.  The focus is basic health needs of the community. More recently we have developed a small early learning center for pre-scholars.

Nathan and Sawsan

Nathan and Sawsan have become more than partners they are considered family. Nathans back ground as a High school principle has given him the passion to help the less fortunate. 

Early Learning

The ELC center give pre-school kids a head start. They learn basic English mathematics and do what kids do, have fun.   

Micro Funding

Micro funding gives families the opportunity to utilize their skills and provide an income for their family. Micro funds are interest free and are short term loans that are repaid, for redistribution. 

Basic Medical

The remote community of Al Jawli historically had to travel to Cairo for Radiology eye examinations, hepatitis Screenings and vaccinations. Through the foundations support we have provided access to these basics.

Pre School Upgrade