Cambodia – New Life School


The main objective was to provide a safe, suitable place for at-risk and low-income students at New Life School.   This new grounds not only increase the capacity of the school, and improve the learning environment, but also help the school to be sustainable for the future.

This project directly impacted 550 children from at-risk and low-income families annually.  It indirectly affected the families involved as the children learn the skills to get good paying jobs and help lift their families out of poverty.  We estimate that the amount of people indirectly helped annually will be over 2,200 in the short-term future (based on an average Cambodian family of five or six).

About New Life School

New Life School aims to give students a quality education, practical to their native language and culture, that will give them the knowledge, character, and integrity to be role models and leaders in Cambodian Society.

Teachers are local professionals who are committed to educating children and helping them reach their full potential.

They make quality education affordable by scaling the cost of tuition and fees on a per student basis.

Every student, no matter their economic or social status, deserves a good education and is welcome to their school.

Samma Design And Development

Utilizing the expertise and skills of Samma Group we were able to help re-design the proposed new school building. 

New Life School – Old School Grounds

New Life School – New Campus Completed 2021